We provide affordable consulting services in the field of Business Process Automation, Application Development, Database Design, System Integration, Quality assurance and testing by using clear set of system designs and documentation and provide you a solution that either you can implement or our development team can implement for you. You will find that compared to many enterprise applications, our system development is surprisingly affordable.

We follow the Agile software application development methodology and our development team can work with you to understand your business requirements so that we can provide you an exact solution as per your needs which will work around your business process, rather than you having to adjust your operations to an off-the-shelf application that may or may not do what you need. We provide the best software development services, starting with the requirements definition to final customer acceptance.

Business Process Automation

If you are like many businesses where you expanded your technology platforms as the budget allowed and the needs of the business demanded. A long term planning on how to make everything fit together and best support your business processes might have been neglected and your staff is required to focus on the immediate needs right now, we can help integrating and streamlining multiple systems and applications into one customized solution. We understand the business process and our business technology experts will help you streamline your needs with both best of-breed and customized solutions. We leverage existing systems and find the most appropriate solution for your business. Often commercial software packages are not the exact fit your need. Our developers will customize the application so it meshes with your company. We support and supplement your Information Services department.

Custom Software Development

Our software development practice incorporates Microsoft’s complete suite of leading software solutions and services to provide secure, scalable, and fully integrated e-Business solutions that are a competitive necessity for companies in today’s business environment.

The .NET technology development environment takes advantage of web services allowing you to share data and assemble applications from new or existing development regardless of platform, language or object model. Through .NET we can decrease your development time and costs while delivering solutions that are secure and reliable.

Database Design

Database design is the process of producing a comprehensive data model for your database with storage and management parameters being pre-set. The database development life cycle starts with requirements specification for the database and ends with its support and maintenance after its implementation and deployment.

Every business in order to get successful needs a database for the management of its business data based on different querying models. We carry out a comprehensive analysis of your data, remove data redundancies and your database needs and provide database solutions that fulfill your business needs. As a carefully thought database forms the foundation of your business functionality and adds efficiency to the whole system.

Geospatial Information Management

The Geographical Information System (GIS) is designed to capture, store, manipulate, analyze, manage, and present all types of spatial data. The Geographic data plays an important role in decision making by visualizing information. Our geo-spatial data analysts can help resolve any GIS uncertainties, create maps, organize, digitize and maintain your data into ESRI ArcGIS enterprise geo-database etc. Our Geo-Spatial application developers can utilize your organized GIS data and develop web based mapping solutions using ArcGIS server and REST enabled map services to be used in browser for easy access which can save your organization money in yearly software licensing and maintenance.

Mobile Application Development

Mobile applications are playing an increasingly important role in integrated web solutions. The smartphones are versatile in gathering and analyzing data off-line and replicating the data back to a server when they come in the vicinity of a Wi-Fi connection. The smartphones running Windows or iOS can utilize our custom data syncronization services to provide powerful solutions either as standalone applications or integrated into web applications via WCF web services.

We have done extensive development with the Windows Phone and iOS based devices. All mobile applications are designed upfront with memory footprint and speed in mind in order to allow our customers to purchase the lowest cost devices available. We develop mobile applications to include features like record and forward bug information to the development center, automatic and manual software updates and software protection to prevent illegal use of your application.

System Integration

For decades, systems have been built and designed to serve a single purpose. Therefore, since a business has multiple needs they often find themselves with multiple systems and software. As a result of which when different systems cannot communicate effectively you end up with slowdowns and downtime that take time and money to fix.

We can streamline, centralize and integrate creating a fully functional system with multiple applications. Not only will you see greater efficiencies in work flow, but also efficiencies in maintenance, monitoring and updates. Our software engineers are experts at system integration. We understand the business process and the dynamics of work flow management.

Quality Assurance & Testing

Building real application means caring about quality control, robustness and correctness so the testing needs to be a standardized part of your process, not an afterthought. The right quality assurance mechanisms in place, well-written code can feel like a precision machine, with all functions performing their tasks exactly as specified. Our Quality Assurance analysts make sure that the application functions in every scenarios and environment. We can test your application in each phase, not letting you go too far out of control without checkpoints.